Flame Story:

How Potter Fooled Flame Into Making Pretty Colors

The burners are flaming nicely and there's plenty of oxygen wafting through the kiln. All is oxidizing well in the kiln room.

Potter walks in and gently turns up the gas as she has, on the hour, for several hours. But this time she also nudges the damper closed, just a little. Flame screams out, “Oh no, what's she doing now?” All of a sudden, after being well fed for hours, his lunch has disappeared—he's starving for oxygen.

“What am I going to do?,” he moans, “I'm a growing boy and I need my oxygen, NOW. Oh, what's that? Do I perceive some nice juicy iron, and oh be still my heart, some copper too? I'll just nibble a little on their oxygen. They wont' mind sharing, and Potter will never notice.”

But of course Potter did notice. Do you think, friends in clay, that she would stand around that hot, smoky old kiln for nothing? That fool, Flame, fell for it again, and now she will have her beautiful celadon, sang-de-beouf, and tenmoku glaze colors. Tomorrow she'll trick him into making metallic magenta and fuschia on her raku pots. You just wait and see!